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Short Video Regarding Allergies & Carpets
Provided By The CRI.

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Video Regarding Carpeting in Schools
and Indoor Air Quality
The Following video is a Consumer Investigation
Clip,  by a Kansas News team, take a look at what
you really get for those $9.95 a Room Carpet
Cleaning Ads
This Next Video Clip, is from a British Talk show. The segment
covers the topic of carpet care, how carpet is fairly neglected
and a look under the microscope at what can be found in typical
residential carpeting. (Did you know, its estimated that only
roughly 20% of Americans clean there carpeting.)
The following video clip from WAVE3 News in Louisville, KY, covers
Bait And Switch Carpet Cleaning in their city.  After watching this
video, please see our Consumer Awareness Section on steps how
to avoid these scams.
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The following Video is from CNN, The Topic - Dust Mites.
Dust mites will always be found, but the important note,
is that general cleaning on a regular basis is keeps
them under control as well as their waste particles.
These particles play a big part of indoor allergies.