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In both the leather manufacturing and leather cleaning industries leather is
classified into three different categories. Dr. Leo Tork of the Leather Master
Corporation originally defined these three different categories to help identify
care and cleaning requirements. Here are the three leather categories:

  • Aniline
  • Nubuck
  • Protected /  Pigmented

Many leather furniture manufactures have been working directly with Leather
Master to have the products classified before they reach consumers. On the
furniture’s informational tag the leather should be defined either by name or
code. It is important that when caring and cleaning for leather that the proper
type is defined.

Aniline: Cleaning Code “A” also called natural, pure, naked or unprotected.
Nubuck: Cleaning Code “N” also called distressed, bomber, or suede.
Protected: Cleaning Code “P” also called finished, semi-aniline, everyday,
pigmented or painted.

Aniline leather has very little or no protective treatment applied to it. Sometimes it
can have a brushed texture that is soft like velvet. Many people may confuse this
type of finish on Aniline with Suede leather, which is a variation of Nubuck. Suede
is the flesh side of leather while Nubuck is an affect that is done to the grain side
making it incredibly soft. The brushing also makes this leather even more
absorbent than Aniline. Leathers that have a distressed finish using wax are the
most difficult to identify. Nubuck often reflects the natural grain of the leather or
have an endless variety of embossed patterns. Nubuck is very popular in the
fashion industry because of its texture and vivid colors. All of these qualities and
similarities make Aniline and Nubuck leathers sometimes difficult to distinguish.

Protected leathers are the most common leathers and most practical for
consumers. This type of leather is more uniform in appearance and color while
maintaining the best aspects of a natural product. Protected leathers have a
more uniformed color because pigments are applied to the surface at the
tannery; it then has a finish applied to the surface that gives it a resistance to
heavy use. However the pigments and protectant applied take away from the
softness of natural leather, the more that is applied the harder the surface

The amount of pigment and finishing that is applied is determined by several
characteristics including: color, grade or selection, and level of desired
resistance. The lighter the desired color of the finished product is will require
more pigment. The selection of leather will require different levels of mechanical
correction; lower grades of leather will require more correction for uniformity.
Finally, the desired level of resistance will determine the finishing needs. For
example, automotive leather would require more resistance to sunlight than
leather furniture. To test and see if the leather is protected, lightly scratch the
surface, if it does not scratch to a lighter color or leave a mark than it is protected

Leather Care Tips
Leather should always be at least two feet away from a heating source, such as a
furnace vent or radiator. Prolonged exposure will cause the leather to dry out.
Avoid placing leather furniture in direct sunlight including sunlight from windows
and skylights. If leather is exposed to direct sunlight over a prolonged period the
color will fade. Aniline leather is especially sensitive to sunlight.
Leather furniture should be wiped down occasionally with a damp soft cloth to
clean off dust. You can also use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum.
To provide the Leather Cleaning Services we offer, we have gone
through extensive training in Leather Cleaning . This insures that your
leather items are handled with complete care by our knowledgeable
technician. Below you will find more information about leather and the
many different types. Each type of leather will require a different process
for cleaning or spot treatment.
Leather Upholstery
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Leather Sofa Cleaning Central Ohio
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