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How Much Allergen Reduction is Enough?

One of the drawbacks of many Environmental Control efforts is that the reduction in
allergen levels is insufficient to prevent or reduce symptoms or stop allergic illnesses
from developing. The active ingredient in Allergy Relief Treatment has been
scientifically proven to reduce indoor allergen concentrations below the levels that can
cause allergy symptoms.

“Allergy Relief Treatment clearly has the potential to fill the role of an effective means
of reducing dust mite allergens in carpets and upholstery and has the potential to
become an effective aid for the mite sensitive allergy sufferer to minimize allergen
Dust Mite Allergen Denaturation:A Trial of Allergy Relief TreatmentRichard   
                Thorogood, MI Bio., Auckland University School of Medicine
“…There is a threshold concentration of 10ug of Der p 1 (dust mite allergen)
per gram of settled house dust, which is widely accepted to increase the risk
of asthma symptoms in mite-allergic asthmatics. Having the capacity to
denature 90% of Der p 1 in house dust, Allergy Relief Treatment has the
potential to reduce allergen levels below the 10 ug-g-1 threshold when house
dust contains Der p 1 concentration of 100 uf.g-1. The average range of Der
p 1 allergen levels in house dust in New Zealand are from 20-70 ug per gram
of dust, whereas levels as high as 100 ug.g-1 do occasionally occur.”
                                  Dust Mite Allergen Denaturation: A Trial of Allergy Relief Treatment
                                  Richard Thorogood, MI Bio.,Auckland University School of Medicine
Allergy Relief Treatment is Safe for You, Your
Children, Your Pets and the Environment

All of the Responsible Care cleaning products including Allergy Relief Treatment are
hypoallergenic, non-toxic, dye and perfume free, contain no volatile organic
compounds (VOC’s), phosphates or other hazardous materials and are
biodegradable and environmentally safe. In addition, they are derived from
renewable fruit and vegetable seeds.

The products are virtually odor free and have been specially formulated for use
around people with allergic illnesses and chemical sensitivities.They can be safely
and effectively used in homes with children and pets. Allergy Relief Treatment is so
safe that it can even be used on your pets!

Allergy Relief Treatment contains no benzylbenzoate and is not a pesticide or
Cleaning Alone is Not Enough

While cleaning is important, no matter how spotless your home, dust mites can’t
be eliminated or cleaned away. In the case of pet allergies, most people can’t bear
to part with a beloved family pet even though this is the number one
recommendation of doctors.

That’s why the key to the success of the Responsible Care System is the use of
specialized cleaning agents to remove as much allergen and allergen food source as
possible followed by application of the Allergy Relief Treatment that inactivates the
allergens, preventing them from causing an allergic reaction.
The Responsible Care Anti-Allergen Cleaning
and Treatment Service Process

The place of exposure to the greatest amount of allergen for the longest amount of
time is in the bedroom. Up to 60% of the dust mites found in the home are actually
living in your bed and you spend about one-third of your life in thebedroom! And,
bedrooms are the easiest area to control as an allergen free zone. Therefore,
the bedroom is the highest priority treatment area.

Your cleaning professional will first vacuum the mattress, carpeting and any
draperies or upholstered furniture using an exterior vented vacuum or
HEPA-filtration vacuum cleaner.

The mattress is then thoroughly cleaned on all surfaces and deodorized (if
required) using the ResponsibleCare cleaning agents and a special low moisture
cleaning tool designed to leave the mattress as dry as possible.  Following
cleaning, Allergy Relief Treatment is applied to all mattress surfaces using a fine
mist application. The mattress  is then placed in a drying position and a                  
special air mover used to speed the drying process, which, depending upon
temperature and humidity, normally takes about an hour.

The same safe cleaning agents are used to clean the bedroom carpeting and if
desired, any upholstered furniture or rugs. This is followed by an application of
Allergy Relief  Treatment. Once again,  a speed drying system is set up to dry the
cleaned items as quickly as possible and bring the  humidity down to normal levels

While the cleaning and treatment service is being performed it is highly
recommended that the bedding and pillows be washed in hot water and that two
cups of Allergy Relief Treatment be  added to the rinse cycle. This is so effective
as a laundry treatment that it need only be used every fourth washing.

While servicing the bedroom is the highest priority, significant benefits may also
result from cleaning and treating other areas where allergy sufferers spend lots of
time. These areas include the upholstered furniture and carpeting in rooms where
time is spent watching television, reading and so on. Also, all carpeted areas and
upholstery that pets have access to should be cleaned and treated.

A test for the presence of dust mites in quantities requiring treatment is also
available from your service company. This test will only detect dust mites and will
not provide information on pet allergen.