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Perky Spotter - A Great Multi-purpose
spotter for those unexpected mishaps.
Great for Carpets, Upholstery and your
cars interior. Available in
8oz bottles -$7.95
1 Gallon Jug - $29.95
Post Cleaning Care Products
Pro Spotter Spot Kit -. Contains four
spotters and detailed instructions for
removal of 98% of spots and spills
encountered.      $22.95
Absorb-a-spill - This product is great for those accidents.
Made of crushed marble, very absorbent. If you have kids
or pets, this product is great to have on hand. First use a
towel to absorb excess spill, then apply Absorb-a-spill, will
soak up the rest, prevents wicking from the backing. Then
vacuum up.   

Absorb-A-Stain and Absorb-A-Spill works Like a thousand
tiny sponges. These amazing products soak up as much
as 75% of their own weight in liquid. Both Absorb-A-Stain
and Absorb-A-Spill dispell the remnants of pet accidents
and other spills from carpet and upholstery, then
odor-controlling agents erase offensive smells -
particularly those odors left by pet urine!

$9.95 Bottle
$29.95 for 12lb Jar
The Perky Spot Removal System is
perfect for immediate treatment of
accidental spills. Includes Perky
Spotter, Handi-Groom and Whiz
Groom.     $18.99
Scented Odor Block  - This Months Featured Product.
These 2 1/2” solid bad odor blocks act as natural
wicks to suck odors right out of the air! Most effective
when placed between shelves, in small rooms, furnace
plenum, duct system registers. These are great to
place in your vehicle too. We highly recommend them
this time of year with the high humidity levels.
Available in Vanilla, Cherry, Bluegrass, Cinnamon and
Jasmine                 $6.49each
The Most Thorough Cleaning You've
Ever Received Or It's FREE!!
Serving Pataskala and Central Ohio Since 1995
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