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List Rated, Learn costly carpet cleaning scams and rip-offs by reading our Consumer Awareness Guide. Learn How to Correctly and / or Properly Clean your Carpets
and Upholstery

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                                 Are all Carpet Cleaners Alike ?

I’m going to ask you a surprising and pointed question, “With all the carpet cleaners in
Central Ohio, are you sure you have chosen the right one?”

Especially in light of the “new economy”, you may be tempted by “the other guy” and his
rock bottom, cheap prices. You may wonder if you chose the right company for you.

Over the past year I’ve had more than a couple clients call me and confess they decided to
save a buck and called the other (cheap) guys. So why do they call me to confess?
Because now they need me to come to their home and clean up (literally) after the “cheap”
cleaning. That cheap cleaning wasn’t so cheap.

                                              Were They Just A Bad Apple?
Probably not. But, the reality is, to offer a cheap service one must do cheap work. A
professional carpet cleaner cannot offer a high quality of work and service charging super
low prices. (Like the ads you’ve seen offering $15 to $20  per room or $99 for a whole
house.) And, choosing the wrong carpet cleaner can leave you with carpets that are
gummy, over soaked, dirt magnets. I’ve always preferred to set my prices at a fair, but
quality price point and then deliver work and customer service that will make you…

So Thrilled You’re A Client For Life!
Rest assured, you’ve made the right choice. Because I’ve invested in the proper
training and learned the “science” behind proper cleaning, your carpets will sparkle, and
stay cleaner longer. Plus, you get my 5 Star Service and 100% Money Back Guarantee!

As we head into Spring, most of us are more than glad to start
planning spring cleaning projects, after having our homes closed up
for another winter. Along with having our homes closed up tightly,
many of us have indoor allergy symptoms. According  to the Asthma
and Allergy Foundation of America, 1 out of 5 Americans are affected.
That means a lot of people are suffering.

Even if no one in your home is effected, you can pass this along to
someone who may have allergies. Because allergies make a huge
percentage of the population miserable every year, maintaining a
clean, allergen free home isn't just a luxury its crucial. So what are
these offending agents? Dust mites, pollens, and mold to name a few.
Also, among the offenders are pet dander, and pollutants from outside
that come into our homes on our shoes and clothes.

How Can You Get The Advantage? The good news is all of these
culprits are easily removed with a professional carpet and / or
upholstery cleaning. You can go through this allergy season with a
stronger defense line this year if you take a proactive approach and
remove allergens from your home. The EPA (Environmental Protection
Agency) has this advice - Keep the house clean. House dust mites,
pollens, animal dander, and other allergy-causing agents can be
reduced through regular cleaning. So go ahead and get your carpets
and upholstery thoroughly and professionally cleaned and The End
You'll breath easier this allergy season by removing
common allergens at the source.

Remember, your carpet is like a big filter that traps pollutants and
allergens. But that filter gets full and redistributes allergens back into
the air with every step you take. If it's been more than 6-12 months
since you had your carpets cleaned your filter(carpet) is definitely full.
Let Us Help You Improve Your Indoor Air Quality, look below for our
Spring Savings on All Of Our Cleaning Services!
An Apple Vs. A Coconut

You see not all cleaning companies are
alike. We can be as different as an apple
and a coconut. I hope you feel you made the
right choice because otherwise I'm not
doing my job right

To make your choice even easier this
month, please check our current offers
listed on this page.

Before I go, if you know of anyone who
suffers from Allergies, please be sure to
call or email me and I will give them a Free
room of Carpet Cleaning in Your Name! (150
sq. ft. of carpet)  And I will send you a $10
gift certificate for cleaning for you
A Thorough Cleaning Will Help
Remove Signs Of Winter That
Have been Tracked Inside, As well As
Indoor Pollutants That Have Accumulated
All Year Long.
Did You Know The Average Home Builds Up Over
40lbs of Dust Per Year!
Enjoy A Clean, Healthy Indoor Environment and
Save!  You'll
Save $25 When You have a Minimum
Of Five Areas, Hallway And A Set
Of Steps cleaned.
Expires - April 30th, 2018
Pet Left Unattended To Long ?
We all love our family pet and at times
an accident can occur. If not treated
promptly, unpleasant odors and stains
can become difficult to remove.  We
Have Different Methods For A Variety
of Situations.  Be Sure To Mention that
You Have A Pet Issue When
scheduling.  Save
$10 On Any Of Our
Pet Restoration Treatments and We'll
also Provide a FREE U.V. Light
Inspection with Cleaning
Learn More About This Service
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