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                                 Are all Carpet Cleaners Alike ?

Hello friends and clients, we hope you having a wonderful New Year so far!

I’m going to ask you a surprising and pointed question, “With all the carpet cleaners in
Central Ohio, are you sure you have chosen the right one?”

Especially in light of the “new economy”, you may be tempted by “the other guy” and his
rock bottom, cheap prices. You may wonder if you chose the right company for you.

Over the past year I’ve had more than a couple clients call me and confess they decided to
save a buck and called the other (cheap) guys. So why do they call me to confess?
Because now they need me to come to their home and clean up (literally) after the “cheap”
cleaning. That cheap cleaning wasn’t so cheap.

                                             Were They Just A Bad Apple?
Probably not. But, the reality is, to offer a cheap service one must do cheap work. A
professional carpet cleaner cannot offer a high quality of work and service charging super
low prices. (Like the ads you’ve seen offering $15 to $20  per room or $99 for a whole
house.) And, choosing the wrong carpet cleaner can leave you with carpets that are
gummy, over soaked, dirt magnets. I’ve always preferred to set my prices at a fair, but
quality price point and then deliver work and customer service that will make you…

                                         So Thrilled You’re A Client For Life!
Rest assured, you’ve made the right choice. Because I’ve invested in the proper
training and learned the “science” behind proper cleaning, your carpets will sparkle, and
stay cleaner longer. Plus, you get my 5 Star Service and 100% Money Back Guarantee!

An Apple Vs. A Coconut

You see not all cleaning companies are alike. We can be as different as an apple and a
coconut. I hope you feel you made the right choice because otherwise I'm not doing my job
right  To make your choice even easier this month, please check our current offers listed
on this page.  Before I go, if you know of anyone who
suffers from Allergies, please be sure to call or email me and I will give them a Free room
of Carpet Cleaning in Your Name! (150 sq. ft. of carpet)  And I will send you a $10 gift
certificate for cleaning for you
A Thorough Cleaning Will Help
Remove Signs Of A Busy Holiday Season and all that
has been tracked Inside, As well As
Indoor Pollutants That Have Accumulated
All Year Long.
Did You Know The Average Home Builds Up Over
40lbs of Dust Per Year!
Enjoy A Clean, Healthy Indoor Environment and
Save!  You'll
Save $25 When You have a Minimum
Of Five Areas, Hallway And A Set
Of Steps cleaned.
Offer Expires - 1/25/201
Has Your Cat or Dog Committed a Christmas Crime ?
Whether knocking over the Christmas Tree or Caught leaving
presents underneath it,  I have some great products for treating your
carpet and restoring it back to the pre-accident condition!

Pet Left Unattended To Long ?
We all love our family pet and at times an accident can occur. If not
treated promptly, unpleasant odors and stains can become difficult to
remove.  We Have Different Methods For A Variety
of Situations.  Be Sure To Mention that You Have A Pet Issue When
scheduling.  Save
$10 On Any Of Our Pet Restoration Treatments
and We'll also Provide a FREE U.V. Light Inspection with Cleaning
Learn More About This Service
click here)
                    THIS MONTH IN HISTORY
Paul Revere was born (1735)

1 Emma M. Nutt becomes the first woman telephone
operator. (1878)

1 The ball was first dropped at Times Square in New York
City. (1908)

3 Construction began on the Brooklyn Bridge (1870)

6 Samuel Morse demonstrates the telegraph (1838)

7 Astronomer Galileo Galilei discovers four of Jupiters
moons. (1610)

9 The United Nations opens it's headquarters in New York

10 The world's first underground passenger railway
system opens in London, England (1863)
We hope that you and your family  had a Wonderful Holiday
Season and we can't thank you enough for  supporting our
business through out the year.

As another way to say thank you, we have put together a small
list on tips for cleaning different spots and spill situations that
you may encounter during the Holidays.

At times we provide a Free Carpet Spotter, it may have been
under Perky brand name or Avenge, both are great products.
They are a neutral spotter that can be used on a wide variety of
spots and spills, be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle.

If you don't have a spotting product from us, you can follow the
steps listed here, that may help out!   Some situations
unfortunately do require professional help, in that case, call us
at your convenience and we'll be happy to help!

Holiday Spill Tips - Follow this link
central ohio pet odor removal pickerington
     Introducing an Amazing New Approach To Eliminate
                           Odors & Indoor Allergies
                        in Your Home Guaranteed!

In 24 Years Of being in the Cleaning and Restoration Industry I
have never found a product as effective or as fascinating as this
new product and service I am now offering. It works so well, I
have formed a service division of it's own - Ex-stinked Odor and
Allergy Eliminator.

I'll give you an example of the power of this product. And if you
are selling a home, have a friend that is a Realtor or know of
someone with a rental property, this is a perfect service for them
in many situations!

Imagine a Home that has been smoked in for years, I've been
treating homes with an advanced method of Chlorine Dioxide,
which is an oxidizer, it will basically molecularly destory odor
causing molecules. I can take 25+ years of smoke odor and
remove it within 24 hours and I guarantee it, or it's Free!  Whats
great about this method is, not only does the home smell ultra
fresh, the upholstery, the air ducts, every nook and cranny is
treated by the vapor gas method.  Not Only Does it Eliminate
Odors, it will GREATLY Reduce Indoor Allergens, Eliminate Mold
Spores and Pesky Musty Basement Odors, Eliminates
Formaldehydes, AND It Kills Viruses and Bacteria which they can
never become resistant too. It's been coined the miracle fog by
one service provider. I have used this on several Hotel
Properties, Apartments and I am now offering Anti Allergy
Treatments for Homes with several options.  An Entire Home can
be treated in 24 Hours, smaller areas such as a few rooms can
be treated within hours. So if you a family member or a friend has
an issue that it doesn't seem to matter what they try they are still
left with a funky odor or suffering from some type of indoor
allergy, look over the information I have made available at and feel free to contact me with any